Fly Board in Gran Canaria.

The new sport that has revolutionized the world is now available in Gran Canaria. The Fly Board is a water powered jet pack that allows propulsion under and above the water.


There are two nozzles positioned under your feet that ensure 90% of the propulsion and allow for movement by tilting your feet. There are also nozzles on each hand and they are used to ensure stability, similar to how ski poles work in the snow.If you are thinking of coming to the beach you have to try it. It will be a unique experience, hearing  about it is one thing but experiencing it is something totally different. Only for children over 14 and it is not suitable for overweight people. It is a very fun thing to experience and in a few seconds you will be flying over the water.

20 Minutos  99€/ Pax.10 Minutes 60€/ Pax


Que se necesita?

  • Sun protecion.
  • Chidren from de 14 years

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