Buggy Tour 2. Mirador

Buggy Tour 2. Mirador

Joins Us and Enjoy Our News Buggys 800ccm this Summer 2022.

Fun factor guaranteed. A unique experience.

We offer the best tour with 50% Off Road excursion in the Canary Islands Buggys. Perfect activity to complete your holiday!

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Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski Safari

Enjoy the Speedy at sea driving a powerful jet-ski. You can drive a four buoy circuit right in from the Beach, or make the daily trip round the coast guided by our instructors...

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Scuba diving en Gran Canaria

Scuba diving en Gran Canaria

Enjoy a unique experience and explore the underwater world of Gran Canaria..

This activity is designed for all levels of diving, as if you have no experience or without.

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Buggy Tour

Buggy Tour 3 The Grand Canyon 100% Off Road

Joins Us and Enjoy Our News Buggys 800ccm this Summer 2022.

Fun factor guaranteed. A unique experience. Drive with a buggy through adventurous roads of 100% Off Road in the the south! and experience with us the most impressive landscapes of the nature park Fataga  an unforgettable experience.

Combo G Buggy + Jet Ski Safari 1 hour

Combo G Buggy + Jet Ski Safari

New Combo Buggy Tour & Jet Ski Safari 1 Hour.

Enjoy The Best and News Combos Buggys and Jet Ski Safari a Special program for this Summer 2022.Book Now!!

Combo F Buggy+Jet Ski+Parasailing

New Combo F Buggy Tour+Jet Ski 20 minutes + Parasailing.

Enjoy the New Combo Special Offert for this Summer 2022.Adrenaline and Aventure Garanti!!

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COMBO H Buggy+Jet Ski+Crazy Ufo

New Combo H Buggy Tour +Jet Ski +Crazy Ufo

New Combo H Buggy Tour  +Jet Ski+ Crasy Ufo.Summer 2022.

Joins us for the New Buggy Tour Adventure in the south of Gran Canaria. Enjoying a very exciting 100% Off Road in these mountains.Spectacular views and an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy our Best Water Sports.


Cabrio Tour

New tour!, only to Gran Canaria. Dare to these curious-seater convertible vehicles for 4 persons.

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria

Discover Gran Canaria in 4x4. Enjoy a day with a difference exploring the most scenic hidden countryside of Southern Gran canaria. 

Jet Ski Safari

Jet-Ski Safari

Enjoy the Speedy at sea driving a powerful jet-ski. You can drive a four buoy circuit right in from the Beach, or make the daily trip round the coast guided by our instructors.

Combo Jet ski

Combo Pack 3 waters sports Activities.

If you like the best Waters Sports in Gran Canaria?Here you are The Combo Pack 3 Activities for special  price.


Jet ski Rent Parasailing and Banana Boat

Jet Ski Rent

Enjoy the Speedy at sea driving a powerful jet-ski. It is fun and easy to handle for beginners. With an adult, children can go from 6 years old.Enjoy the speed over warm ocean water, driving a jet ski in a circuit around four buoys in front the beache. We always have jet ski available.


Parasailing in Gran Canaria


Experience the thrilling sensation of flying attached to a parachute, enjoy the scenery and views at the height of a bird, finishing on the boat platform , available for all ages from 6 years. During the flight the boat staff take photos . Activity subject to the condition of the wind.

Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria

Scuba Diving en Gran Canaria

Exploring the coast of Gran Canaria make you dive Baptim and live Unforgettable Moments in the Natural Reserve of Playa del Cabron.

Supercat Dolphin Search

Joins us and enjoy a fantastic experience 2h00 searching Dolphins and Wales from the south west coast of Gran Canaria.Hop aboard and join a voyage of discovery in the waters off Gran Canaria to search for some of the friendliest creatures in the planet with this dolphin watching cruise. Watching these playful animals as they skim through the waves is an unforgettable experience and one that reminds you of the beauty and grace of the natural world. 

Private Yacht luxury + captain

Private Yacht + Captain for 8 Persons

Joins us on board of our private and Luxury Yacht with Captain and discover the  beaches of the southern coast of Gran Canaria.

Supercat Catamaran

Supercat Catamaran Dolphin searh and coast tour

Join us aboard the Supercat Catamaran for a luxurious journey along the southwest coastline of Gran Canaria,heading towards the bay of GuiGui..See the dolphins and moore and moore.

Catamaran Five Star

Catamaran Five Star in Gran Canaria

Enjoy the Spectacular Five Star Catamaran equipped with Balinese beds on board a large and luxurious  Catamaran   in Gran Canaria,4 hours  include a delicious food,bar on board.


At Canarias eXtreme, we channel our enthusiasm through sport and find a better way of releasing the stress from our everyday grind than sitting at home watching television.

So, if you are into enjoyment and adventure sports, welcome to our company. We hope to give you the same feeling we get: freedom in the environment in which we live.

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Canarias eXtreme est une marque dûment Enregistrée á OEPM, Bureau de Marques et Patentes de Madrid, et a Tous les Droits Exclusifs sur Elle, et il n existe Aucune Autorisation à un Tiers pour Son Utilisation.
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