Loro Park in Teneriffe

Loro Parque is the world-famous and adored by all animal adventure park in the Canaries. From the incredible animal habitats that put you within a whisker of the action to our four world class shows, the highlight of which has to be the spectacular killer whale show at Orca Ocean. Get ready for a day of excitement and fun at this “must see” attraction.


Loro Parque is a world-famous animal adventure park adored by all. We invite you to get up close and personal with our magnificent animals for a truly memorable experience in our special piece of paradise. Discover the Antarctic at Planet Penguin, home to a real iceberg and its hundreds of penguin inhabitants. Take your seat at the spectacular Orca Ocean and watch as our killer whales demonstrate their strength and agility; try to keep a grin off your face as our acrobatic dolphins show you their gravity defying moves. Our Sea Lions will soon have you laughing at their antics! Come face to face with tigers and gorillas who will certainly make their presence felt, with many more animal encounters around every corner, you may need to buy another camera!

This adventue includes:

  • Pick  up at hotel Reception,about 6h00.
  • Transfer to Agaete o Las Palmas Harbour acrossto Santa Cruz de Tenerife,and on arrival transfer to Loro Park
  • in  Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Entrance to Loro Park
  • aprox 5h30 in the Park.
  • Shows.
  • Pincipales Actractions

    Orca Ocean

    Our sensational killer whales all the way from SeaWorld in the USA, await you with a stunning performance that will take your breath away. Enjoy the unforgettable experience as you get a rare glimpse of the incredible relationship between killer whale and trainer.


    Planet Penguin

    Discover the Antarctic and feel the polar climate in the world’s biggest Penguin habitat. Real snow, a huge iceberg and hundreds of Antarctic penguins await you in their impressive ice-covered world. Planet Penguin has a near 360 degree viewing platform which is considered by many the best human recreation of Penguin natural habitat.



    Take a seat at our Dolphin Stadium –probably one of the most modern and spectacular in the world- and you’ll soon be charmed by the poise and intelligence of our dolphin pod. As they showcase their gravity defying moves to a musical medley of some popular tunes, young or old, you’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear and clapping along! Dolphins are one of kids and adults preferred animals so is easy to understand why this is one of their favourite shows.

    Sea Lion Show 

    Few animals demonstrate such a natural sense of fun as sea lions and our family will enchant you with their delightful antics and amazing intelligence. Head to this show for some guaranteed laughs as these playful creatures tease their trainers. Possibly on the best sea lion´s shows you will ever watch.

    Shark Tunnel & Aquarium 

    Get face to face with the magical creatures that inhabit the oceans & rivers at Loro Parque’s Aquarium. Immerse yourself in this watery world that is home to thousands of different species of fish and corals. Beyond the Aquarium is the awe-inspiring Shark Tunnel that gets you alongside, underneath and face to face with some of the ocean’s most impressive predators.

    Parrot show 

    You’ll also be surprised and delighted by the ingenuity and talent of our humorous and entertaining parrots who at Loro Parque even star in their very own show. This was first show that saw the light at Loro Parque. Enjoy the majestic fly of these parrots at a very close sight.

    Villa Gorilla 

    No great animal park adventure would be complete without paying a visit to our magnificent all male gorilla family. Our expansive viewing panes let you get so close to their natural forest environment that you’ll feel you can almost touch the grass with a view like this it’s hard to tear yourself away from these guys.


    The wildest place at Loro Parque is our African themed children’s adventure playground! Designed with safety in mind for all our young explorers there are slides and climbing frames just waiting to be discovered. This area is also home to the first rollercoaster in the Canaries - the Orca Train.

    PRICES: 89 € ADULTS.  CHILDREN From 2/11 years: 66€.  THUESDAY From Agaete.



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