Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria

Exploring the coast of Gran Canaria,make your Dive Baptism and live Unforgettable Moments. El Cabrón is the best dive site in Gran Canaria, possibly one of the best of all the Canary Islands and ranked in the top 100 worldwide. In this area we can find 400 different species! Joins us and you never forget this unforgettable day.


The Baptism diving, consisting of a dive to no more than 10 meters deep, accompanied at all times by an instructor. After about 30 min prior explanation of the basics of diving, we will dive for 40/60 minutes (depending on your lungs and comfort with activity) You will have the opportunity to swim with Canary marine fauna and enjoy its beauty and relax admiring the seascape of the area. What better way to spend a different day swimming in a protected area and feeding the fishes?



  • Hotel Pickup to the Natural Reserve the Cabrón.
  • Included all thethe supervision of a qualified instructor will give instructions for the activity.
  •    In the plan is included all the necessary diving equipment: vest, regulators, bottle, glasses and fins.

    Not Included

    As if that were not enough, to always remember your baptism, throughout the activity you can buy a CD photos and video that you can take home to show off to your friends or family for a small extra.




    Time: 3 h30 aprox.

    We recomend

    The use of sport material according to the activity.

    Information & Bookings Directly:  +34 675 911 923. 

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