The Best Combos Pack 3 Waters Sports Activities in Gran Canaria

If you like the Best Waters Sports in Gran Canaria? Here you are The Best Combos Pack 3  Activities for a Special Offer.

Enjoy The Best and News Combos Buggys and Jet Ski Safari a Special program for this Summer 2020.

Including ...

  • Hotel transfer from Playa del Ingles
  • Insurance
  • Theory & practical lesson
  • Top quality equipment


    Including ...

    Special Offer for  Summer 2019

    Combo Pack A 3 Activities  Double 2x 59 € for Pers.Single 1x 79€.

    20 minutes Jet Ski.

    10 minutes Parasailing.

    10 minutes Banana boat.


    Combo B 3 Activities Double 2x 105€ p pers. Single 1x 120€.

    10 minutes Jet Ski Full Power.

    10 minutes Parasailing.

    15 minutes Fly Board.


    Combo C 3 Activities Double 2x 80€ p pers.Single 1x 105€.

    20 minutes Jet Ski.

    10 minutes Parasailing.

    20 minutes Jet Boat.

    Combo D 3 Activities Double 2x 70€p pers.Single 1x 88€.

    20 minutes Jet Ski.

    20 minutes Jet Boat.

    10 minutes Crazy Shark.

    Combo Pack E 3 Activities Double 2x 150€ for pers.

    2 Hours  Yacht+Captaín,soft drink y snack.

    10 Minutes Jet Ski Pull Power.

    10 Minutes Parasailing.

    New Combo Buggy+Jet Ski+Parasailing.

    Combo Pack F  3 Activities Double 2x104€ for pers.Single 1x148€.

    Buggy Tour 2h30,50kms,70% Off Road,driving licence obligatory.

    20 Minutes Jet ski.

    10 Minutes Parasailing.

    New Combo Pack G

    Buggy Tour + Jet Ski Safari 1h.

    Joins us for the New Buggy Tour Adventure in the southwest coast of Veneguera.. Enjoying a very exciting Off Road 70% in these mountains.Spectacular views and an unforgettable experience!

    2h30,50kms,70% Off Road.

    Driving licence obligatory.

    Jet Ski Safari 1hour.

    Enjoy the Speedy at sea driving a powerful jet-ski. Displaying the coast from the sea, sea caves, huge cliffs, natural and deserted beaches.Transfert,top quality equipment,insurance.

    PRICE: 2 Activities. 2 Pers 198€ .Single 1x165€.


    Information & Bookings Directly: +34 675 911 923. 

    Informations et Reservations Aussi en Français:+34 675 911 923.  


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